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J-Plasma® is a cutting-edge technology that tightens the skin. This technology uses RF (Radio Frequency) energy and helium gas. Almost all resurfacing and tightening techniques use CO2, which is a laser. J-Plasma® is a combination of radio frequency energy (RF) and helium gas, and smaller helium molecules are passed through the tip to create plasma energy. As a result of plasma energy, we are able to tighten the skin more effectively than ever. It is a wonderful treatment for removing wrinkles and lines and treating discoloration and sun damage.
A J-Plasma can be used on any body part to tighten the skin. Treatments are most commonly performed in the following areas:
●     Abdomen
●     Breasts
●     Back
●     Arm
●     Thighs
●     Neck
Benefits of J-Plasma
●     Non-surgical
●     Increases collagen production 
●     Tightens the skin
●     Eliminates age spots and skin discoloration
●     Reduces the appearance of scars
To learn more about the body contouring benefits of J-Plasma, contact The Botox Bar in Dallas, Texas. If you want beautiful, tighter skin without surgery, this is for you!


It is likely that J-Plasma resurfacing and tightening can help with wrinkles or discoloration on the face. There is minimal pain associated with the procedure, and anesthesia is used to make it as comfortable as possible.
The results of J-Plasma Renuvion are immediately noticeable after your procedure. It may be difficult to see results at first because of swelling and bruising, but this should fade after 1-2 weeks. After your J-Plasma procedure, you will be able to see the final results within 3 to 6 months.
A single treatment is typically all that is required to achieve visible, long-term skin tightening.
Recovery usually takes a week, with full recovery taking 2-3 weeks, even though the skin may still be red, and make-up can be applied if the treatment area is on the face.

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