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Neuromodulators for Your Facial Wrinkles
Neuromodulators are injectable products that smooth your wrinkles by altering the behavior of your muscles. We offer Botox, Dsyport, and Xeomin, and we have Daxxify coming soon. These products can smooth crow’s feet around your eyes. They can also minimize the appearance of frown lines between your eyebrows.
How They Work 
Neuromodulators use a protein called botulinum toxin to minimize your wrinkles. When our providers inject your chosen neuromodulator into your face, the botulinum toxin in the solution will cause your nerves to stop sending signals that tell your muscles to move. This process will relax your muscles and improve the appearance of your wrinkles.

The Treatment Process

Neuromodulators are very gentle, and you won’t need to receive general anesthesia during your treatment. 

Getting Ready for Your Appointment

Our providers will give you a list of pre-care instructions to follow before you receive your chosen neuromodulator. These instructions are very similar to the steps you need to follow before receiving lip fillers. For instance, she will ask you to avoid taking anti-inflammatory medications, drinking alcohol, and using certain skincare products before your appointment.

Administering Your Cosmetic Injections Dallas

Our providers will begin the treatment process by analyzing your face and discussing the changes you would like to achieve. After she has determined your cosmetic goals, she will administer your chosen neuromodulator into your target area. This quick process will take less than thirty minutes to complete.

Aftercare Instructions

Like dermal fillers, neuromodulators are very gentle on your body, and you can resume your usual activities immediately. Since you’ll feel normal after you receive your injections, you can drive yourself back to your job or home after your appointment is complete. 

Your Results

Neuromodulators work very quickly, and you will probably see positive changes in your treatment area within a couple of days. The longevity of your improvements will vary depending on your body’s reaction to your chosen neuromodulator, the types of wrinkles that you are treating, and other factors. That said, it’s common for your improvements to last for up to four months. 

Maintaining Your Improvements

You can keep up your new look by getting touch-up injections of your chosen neuromodulator every couple of months. As you continue to receive these cosmetic injections, Dallas, your muscles will learn not to make the facial expressions that etch wrinkles and lines onto your skin. As a result, your injections are likely to become more effective over time.


Before and After Neuromodulators treatment in The Botox Bar and Aesthetics at Dallas & Sherman, TX
Before and After Neuromodulators treatment in The Botox Bar and Aesthetics at Dallas & Sherman, TX
Before and After Neuromodulators treatment in The Botox Bar and Aesthetics at Dallas & Sherman, TX


There isn’t a set age when you need to begin using these injectable products. Since genetics, lifestyle choices, and other factors play a large role in aging. You may age more or less quickly than your peers. For example, if your parents developed thinning lips and wrinkles at an early age, you may also start to experience these issues when you are in your twenties. If these changes upset you, you can use neuromodulators and lip fillers to enhance your appearance. 

All of the neuromodulators and lip fillers our providers use have been approved by the FDA. Further, many scientific studies have shown that these injectable products are safe and effective. For instance, Botox has been the focus of more than five hundred peer-reviewed articles, and people have been using this neuromodulator to improve their wrinkles since 2002.

When you were researching injectable products, you might have come across photographs of celebrities or other people whose injectable treatments made their faces look frozen, stiff, or unnatural. Fortunately, you will not experience any of these issues when you receive an injectable treatment from our providers. All of the injectables are designed to provide natural-looking, sophisticated results. We can use Botox to minimize your wrinkles without taking away your ability to move your face in a natural, animated manner. Similarly, we can use lip fillers to enhance your lips without making your mouth look overly inflated or artificial.

You can combine lip fillers and neuromodulators. In fact, it’s very common to use a wide variety of injectable products to rejuvenate your appearance. For example, you might receive Botox on your crow’s feet and Restylane Kysse on your lips. If you’re not sure which selection of products is best for you, don’t worry. During your initial meeting, our providers will talk about your aesthetic goals and objectives. She will tell you which combination of injectable products can achieve your desired look. 

These injectable treatments use gentle, well-tolerated ingredients to improve your appearance. As a result, if you’re a generally healthy adult who would like to smooth away your wrinkles or plump your lips, you’re probably a good candidate for neuromodulators and lip fillers. However, you need to understand that some allergies and health conditions will prevent you from using these treatments. In particular, you are not a good candidate for lip fillers if you have an allergy to the gram-positive bacterial proteins used to make Juvéderm and Restylane products. Similarly, you cannot use neuromodulators if you are allergic to botulinum toxin.
Further, you cannot use these products if you’ve had an allergic reaction to any neuromodulators in the past. In addition, you cannot receive injectables while you have a cold, sore, rash, or blemish in your target area. If you develop any of these issues, you should reschedule your appointment.

Although all of these neuromodulators use a similar process to minimize your lines, there are some subtle differences between these products. In particular, a unique manufacturing process is used to make each of these injectable treatments. As a result, your body might respond differently to each of these products. For instance, if your fine lines did not improve after you used one neuromodulator, you might have a stronger response to a different product. During your initial consultation, our providers will talk about your body’s response to any injectable treatments you’ve tried. Based on this discussion, she will recommend a suitable neuromodulator for you.

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Injectable neuromodulators can smooth your wrinkles, and make you look younger and fresher. These treatments are safe and effective, and you’ll have no downtime after you receive your cosmetic injections in Dallas. To learn more about the benefits of neuromodulator treatments, contact our Providers at The Botox Bar in Dallas, Texas. 

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